Toothache Remedies

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As we said earlier toothache causes can be various, depending on tooth’s disease, so it’s obvious that toothache remedies differ in different situations. For your misfortune sometimes the toothache happens in the middle of the night or when is difficult to find a doctor to help you. We are giving some advice that can help you get some relief on the most common occasions. Don’t forget that even after you have some temporary relief you have to visit you doctor to get a proper treatment and stop the toothache permanently.

Toothache Remedies

A. If you have a cavity formed by tooth decay or because a big filling fell out – In this case what is causing you the pain is the exposure of dental pulp or so called dental nerve. And the remedy to that is to temporary cover it so bacteria and fluids from your mouth don’t solicit it. This will help you for a little time until you get to see a dentist.

1. Pain killers – Use over the Counter pain medicine (OTC) like Tylenol, Advil or Ibuprofen to stop your pain. Your toothache should stop within 15-30 minutes and this may depend on individual conditions. Advil or Ibuprofen are better because they are anti-inflammatory medicine that will help with any inflammations that you might have in the area

2. Oral numbing medicine – They usually are in gel form which you place around the tooth area that you’re having the ache from. It will numb the area for 30-45 min. You repeat the procedure throughout the day until you get to see your dentist.

3. Temporary fillings – You have to go to a store and pick up a dental emergency tool kit and look for a product claiming to be a temporary filling that contains active ingredients like: eugenol or clove oil and zinc oxide. Fist you floss around the tooth with the cavity and try to clean food remains but don’t use anything sharp or it will hurt like hell. Take the paste of zinc oxide on your kit and start mixing it with eugenol or clove oil (couple of liquid drops) until you make a thick filling material. Read the product instructions properly because clove oil can cause burning or irritations on your gums. Use a wet cotton bud with the kit liquid and start adapting the filling in your cavity then bite down so it solidifies comfortably in its place.

Gum InflammationsB. If you have inflamed gums because of periodontal disease – Toothache from inflamed gums can be very disturbing and it also needs a proper treatment from your dentist, but until you see one you can try these remedies.

1. Tooth brushing, flossing and mouth washing – if you have red, swollen gums (not just around a single tooth) it’s probably because you are not to careful with your oral hygiene. The inflammation is cause by accumulation of dental plaque on teeth surfaces. So to get some relief first of all take your toothbrush and start brushing carefully, delicately around your gums. If some bleeding occurs don’t get scared its normal because of the swelling and inflammation. Then start flossing preferably with waxed floss. At last use a mouthwash with active ingredients like chlorhexidine or zinc chloride. They are antibacterial ingredients that will lower the bacterial colonization so reduce they will reduce the inflammation. After this simple steps you should already feel a little relieved if you can use pain killers.

2. Pain killers – Use the same Over the Counter pain medicine (OTC) like Tylenol, Advil or Ibuprofen to stop your pain.

3. Oral numbing medicine –As said in the A section apply the gel around the gums and repeat the procedure if necessary.

C. If you have swelling around your cheek or gums – On the advices said before you can use only pain killers because none of the others will help you. It is a more serious condition and you have to go to an emergency room, until you do so use an ice bag to relief the pain and reduce swelling.

Hope this helped you, but remember you have to see your dentist afterword to cure the source of your toothache.
If serious problems exist, we recommend you see a professional in orthodontics in San Diego, or a city near you.

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