Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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Have been to the dentist today because you needed a simple tooth extraction or a complicated wisdom tooth extraction? You should follow carefully your doctor’s advice and also take care of yourself for the rest of the day. Here there are some tips for you

tooth extraction aftercare

  • Bite the gauze the dentist putted on the extraction site for at least 20 min. This will help with blood coagulation so you will not have hemorrhagic problems later.
  • You will have to eat and drink cold or mild foods and drinks for the rest of the day. The food should be semi-liquid or liquid. It is always better to avoid eating before the anesthetics wears off because you might bite your lip, tongue or cheek.
  • You shouldn’t use a straw for your beverages because the pressure created from the sucking motion might disturb the blood clot.
  • You should not rinse your mouth for the next 24 hours because this might disturb the newly formed blood clot which might cause bleeding or delay the healing process.
  • Don’t exercise the day you got your tooth pulled out, don’t keep your head down for long periods of time and don’t do any hard work. You should try to rest.
  • Don’t lie flat for the next 24 hours. If you want to sleep you should put 2 pillows under your head so you don’t risk prolonging the bleeding.
  • Keep an ice pack near the place you had your tooth extraction all the rest of the day. Half an hour yes, and half an hour no. This will help with the inflammation and for you not to get swollen.
  • Continue taking the antibiotics for the rest of the treatment that the dentist gave you. You should take some anti-inflammatory drug that will help you ease the pain and also reduce the inflammation for a better healing of the site. DON’T take aspirin which might induce you further bleeding and also check with your dentist what other medicine you should avoid if you have other systemic diseases.
  • Keep your mouth clean. It’s more important than ever for you to take care of your oral hygiene. You should brush as usually. Be gentle near the extraction site but also make sure that the extraction site is cleaned. After the first 24 hours from the extraction you can rinse your mouth with the mouthwash your dentist prescribed or with salty-water.
  • Don’t smoke immediately after having a tooth pulled out. You should avoid smoking for as long as you can for the rest of the day. If you can’t resist the urge you should avoid keeping the smoke inside your mouth but put it away as soon as possible because the heat and also the poisons of the cigarette disturbs the blood clot and delays the healing process.
  • Don’t drink alcohol for the rest of the day.

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