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Dental care is a continuous process you have to repeat everyday. It is a process that doesn’t need much time or expenses. The proper dental care is done first at home by you and after if still needed by a dental hygienist or professional dentist. Here are some basics you need to know so you can repeat at home. It won’t take more than 10-12 min of your time. Teeth cleaning means removing dental plaque from all of dental surfaces.

Dental Care

There are two ways to clean your teeth: mechanical or chemical.
Mechanical cleaning is done by brushing and flossing your teeth. According to periodontists this is the most important way that teeth should be cleaned. The most important things to learn:

  • choosing the right type of brush and dental floss – There are a lot of toothbrushes offered by different producers which makes it difficult to choose from. You may ask your dentist or hygienist for a recommendation. In addition some general tips for your toothbrush are: small brush head, soft bristles, comfortable and rigid handle. Your dental floss can be waxed or not depending on your need to have one with a good taste or not, they also may contain ingredients more effective at removing dental plaque, if you are not used with it shouldn’t be to thin so it won’t damage your gums, if you don’t like putting your hands in your mouth you can use a floss holder.You should floss once a day and the best time is before sleeping.
  • the right technique of brushing your teeth – Brushing your teeth the wrong way not only doesn’t help preventing tooth decay or gum disease but could also be a cause of them. We are going to explain it better in another article soon, until then remember to brush your teeth after every meal or at least in the morning and before sleeping.
  • choose the right toothpaste – What we said about the market being overwhelmed with this products applies for toothpastes also. The best toothpaste you can choose is the one you like to use every day without being constrained to. Some types of toothpaste may include antimicrobial agents (stannous fluoride), tartar control agents (sodium pyrophosphate), whitening agents (chemical or abrasive ingredients to remove stains). Remember that the toothpaste you buy always should have the seal of American Dental Association ADA so you are safe using it.

Chemical cleaning is done by using chemical agents to prevent dental plaque formation and reduce bacteria colonization. Mouth rinse agents have secondary importance in the teeth’s cleaning. As said early the most important is the mechanical cleaning so you always have to remember that mouth rinse agent doesn’t eliminate the need for brushing and flossing. In the market there are different types of mouth rinse agent. Some of them can be used daily without causing collateral effects, others on the contrary contain pharmacological active molecules (chlorhexidine, zinc chloride) that have to be used with doctors precise prescription that includes time and way of usage. Your Mouthwash if it is used for the entire family should be alcohol free, if you are sensitive toward different ingredients of the mouthwash you should choose a natural product that contains aloe vera, chamomile etc, if the mouthwash is used for plaque control as part of a treatment and not as part of a routine it should also contain anti-plaque ingredients.

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