Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day Reduces Your Risk For Heart Disease

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In the last couple of decades the interest about finding a connection between heart diseases and gum disease has increased.
It was proved long ago that general inflammations (even those from the oral cavity or gums disease) have a important role in the formation of arterial blocks. In the last years there are studies that indicate that is also important how many times a day a person brushes his teeth.

Oral Hygiene And Heart Disease

Researchers of London University have analyzed over 11.000 adults and have found out that bad oral hygiene is a risk factor for cardiac disease as important as obesity, smoking, and family predisposition.
The dental plaque that accumulates on teeth surfaces is an important source of bacteria. The longer it stays on the teeth surface s the more aggressive and resistant are the bacteria that grow on it.
Researchers have found out that a person that brushes his teeth less frequently than normal has a 70 % increased risk of getting cardiac diseases compared with those that brush their teeth at least twice a day.
Participants of the study that admit to have a bad oral hygiene also resulted positive for inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein and fibrinogen.

The results of this study and others therefore confirm and strengthen the opinion that there is a link between oral hygiene and risks for cardiovascular problems.

An important cardiovascular disease that can be prevented by having a good oral hygiene is bacterial endocarditis.
Bacterial endocarditis is a micro bacterial infection of heart valves or of the endocardium (the innermost layer of epithelial tissue that covers heart valves).
For a bacterial endocarditis to happen other than bacteremia is needed a lesion of the endothelium which will favors bacterial adhesion.
Years before, patients with high risk for bacterial endocarditis were treated with antibiotic to prevent any risk of infection. This wasn’t the right approach because the benefits of using antibiotic therapy for prophylaxis are less than the risks of using it.

It is calculated that brushing your teeth twice a day reduces drastically the risk of getting endocarditis rather than using antibiotics.
So take good care of your oral hygiene for a long and healthy life.

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