Is It Necessary For Baby Teeth To Be Filled?

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Some people think that filling baby teeth is a waste of time, because sooner or later they will fall or because baby teeth don’t have roots. These are the most frequent excuses from parents when asked why they don’t take children to the dentist to fill baby teeth. These are just false pretenses, in fact is indispensable and fundamental to keep baby teeth healthy and to cure them until they are naturally replaced with the permanent teeth.

baby teeth


The main reasons why baby teeth should be taken care of are?

  • To avoid the onset of tooth decay: The decay on baby teeth advances more rapidly compared to permanent teeth. In fact baby teeth have a less hard mineral composition.
  • To avoid the onset of pain: The more the decay destroys dental tissue and advances toward the pulp the more the child is sensitive to the pain.
  • To avoid the onset of infections: When bacteria arrives inside the pulp of a baby tooth, they create infections (abscess) that have to be treated with antibiotics and can cause serious problems for the child’s health.
  • To avoid Invasive treatment: When the child has an advanced decay or abscess he will need invasive treatment and sometimes even a painful one.
  • To avoid creating the “Fear Of The Dentist”: If baby teeth are regularly checked and cured in initial stages, or even better if decay is prevented when they are healthy, the pedodontist has to do just easier treatments, without pain, in less time and without the need of anesthetics.
  • To protect permanent teeth: The premature loss of baby teeth creates problems for the correct eruption of permanent teeth increasing the need to have orthodontic treatment when growing up.

So our advice still remains to take your child for regular dental check-ups and to cure his baby teeth the same way you will cure his permanent teeth for him to have a healthier smile.

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