Braces Pain

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Dental Braces or brackets are small attachments with a square or round surface placed on the tooth surface using cement during orthodontic treatment.
Since orthodontic treatment is an intensive treatment which forces your teeth to change their position that sometimes can lead to a little pain. This pain can happen for different reasons and here we are going to explain some of them.Braces Pain

First week when your teeth braces are applied and after each activation– This happens because another force is applied to the teeth other then the normal ones that are applied everyday, when eating, talking, etc.  In order to cause movement of the teeth, an important force should be applied and that causes pressure to the tissues around the teeth, so in the first days you might feel some discomfort. But it also depends on the kind of problem you are treating. If you are going to treat some slight problem maybe you won’t feel any pain at all. This kind of pain is only temporary and the only thing that you can do is to take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Sores or ulceration of gums, lips or cheeks– This usually happens in the first days because these soft tissues are not yet used to the roughness of the braces and this causes irritation. To minimize the irritation take care of your oral hygiene and use mouthwash, so bacteria won’t cause more irritation on these sores. A home remedy for this kind of sores would be to use a weak solution of warm salted water. Use ½ teaspoon of salt per cup of water several times a day.

Increased sensitivity of the teeth– During the period of the orthodontic treatment teeth become more sensitive due to increased forces they have to support. So if you try to eat sticky or hard food you will feel discomfort or pain. Even chewing gum can cause discomfort when you chew it for more than 5 minutes. You have to avoid as much as you can this kind of foods. You have to use potatoes, soups, yogurt and other soft foods.

Problems with braces, wires, bands etc – If you have  loose braces or broken ones you might feel some kind of discomfort and the only remedy is to have an appointment to your dentist as soon as possible. Another thing that might happen is for a band to loosen. These kinds of problems don’t really cause pain to your teeth as much as they do to the soft tissues because of improper contact. They might hurt your cheeks, lips or gengiva. You can use a little wax and place it on the spot where they hurt your tissues and leave an appointment with the dentist so he does the right repairs.

Poor dental hygiene– Since braces have a rough surface they accumulate a lot of dental plaque. This plaque accumulation can cause inflammation of the gengiva, or even dental caries.  This leads to discomfort, teeth sensitivity or even pain. So keep in mind that during orthodontic treatment you have to be extra careful with your dental hygiene to prevent any kind of temporary or permanent problem. Brush after each meal, clean well all the spots with the right kind of toothbrush that your dentist has suggested, use mouthwash and floss.

During your treatment your dentist will prescribe what kind of pain killers or other medication you will need and for any problem you encounter you should consult with him so you can have the proper treatment. Don’t try to solve things by yourself because this might increase the time of the treatment therefore the costs of the treatment.

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