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How To Choose The Right Toothbrush

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We all know how important is to take care of our oral hygiene. But also very important is to know the tools to do it properly. The toothbrush is the most important among them. A good oral hygiene is important not only for your dental health bur for your

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Small children can develop dangerous tooth decay and other important oral diseases early in life if parents aren’t careful enough. Generally parents think that since baby teeth (primary teeth) are going to be replaced there isn’t a good reason to take care of the child oral hygiene. In fact

Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day Reduces Your Risk For Heart Disease

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In the last couple of decades the interest about finding a connection between heart diseases and gum disease has increased. It was proved long ago that general inflammations (even those from the oral cavity or gums disease) have a important role in the formation of arterial blocks. In the

Dental Crown

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Dental crown also known as “tooth cap” is a rigid cap placed on the tooth for various purposes like: restoration, protection, esthetics etc. These tooth caps fully encase the tooth, and depending on the situation there are different types that we are going to mention later in this article. Why are tooth

Toothache During Pregnancy

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Bringing a new life to the world is the highest achievement in a woman’s life. But it is also a long process and sometimes not very easy. It’s not unusual for a woman to have toothache during pregnancy. So it is better for woman that as soon as they

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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The teeth that need to be extracted even before their total eruption are the wisdom teeth. They are the last teeth to appear in the oral cavity or not erupt at all. But often even if they don’t erupt they may cause problems, and the only option is their

Toothache Relief- Top 4 Products For Toothache Relief

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Toothache can have a big impact in your everyday life. Its severity can range from a mild discomfort to a shattering pain. And unless you don’t have a dentist at home you may need some help for temporary relief until you can go to a dentist. And an interesting


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Xerostomia is a medical condition characterized by dry mouth due to reduced or absent saliva because the glands that produce it don’t work properly. Having a dry mouth can affect the health of your teeth and it can affect the quality of your life in general. Saliva prevents tooth

12 Hour Toothache Remedies- Natural Cure

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Tooth pain is one of the most excruciating and unbearable types of pain out there, and it can be difficult to live with, even for a short period of time. Many people have constant tooth pain, from the minor annoying ache to the intense, unbearable pain that requires immediate

Bad Breath Causes

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Bad breath can be a very disturbing problem, not only for you but for people around you, like your partner or friends. Bad breath  also causes psychological problems, because people who suffer from it tend to separate from other people, creating problems for their social life.That’s why it is necessary